Friday, July 23, 2010

Flavor Research and Development I

Weeks have past but my mind has been full of high intensity flavor injected (heavily dusted) delicious (by all means) snacks. And delicious snack/convenient foods... to this end I bring you the unrelenting flavor development department of our savory friends DORITOS.

I think it's important that everyone know the work that goes into every amazing flavor of DORITOS taste blasted goldfish. Every bite is a carnal sin against the Gods of the ordinary (including God). Devour without shame, DORITOS is the holy altar from which distinct and life altering taste assaults the saints of flavorhood. Be one with the bretheren of the flavorhood.

At which point I present to you my very findings on the subject matter of a specific flavor named "DORITOS® Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger Flavored Tortilla Chips" This is literally the full name of this messiah of taste bud martyrdom.

I need to stress to humanity that this is only one of a few of DORITOS humanitarian advance in the nature of flavor. (Please don't forget that "TAKE 5" has 5 fucking shits in it: pretzels, preenut butters, carameloz, noogut, delicious). For example, your (and mine, this goes without saying, that being said) friends at DORiTos have been the fucking champs. Meet the taco flavor, full name: Late Nite Tacos at Midnight

But this is only the beginning of the jihad of jitaste (the ultimate war of danger sexpionage and danger slut sex with individual neeeds) very bad man!

Listen, this isn't the rant of a man of many delicacies, this is me! Your BUDDY! Let's eat together. good stuff: The Official Frito Lay's list of Doritos flavors

Also a pretty tasty part of snackhoodery and deliciery: Doritos Flavors: The Complete Guide

This isn't goodbye by any stretch of the imagination, I will return with what your REALLY need to know as well as the issues that define us as a people.

- Mr. Peace Pipe

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